Sometimes something essential is missing!
TransTissue, innovations for regenerative medicine.

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TransTissue, inventions for tissue regeneration.

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TransTissue, implants made of autologous cartilage cells.

Sometimes something essential is missing!
TransTissue, leader in Tissue Engineering products.

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TransTissue, translation of research into medical products.

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TransTissue, biological solutions for more quality of life.


The new and promising technology of Tissue Engineering began to emerge over 15 years ago. Meanwhile more and more clinical applications have proven the enormous potential of regenerative medicine.

At TransTissue Technologies we are focused on inventions and new methods for tissue regeneration, leading to novel Tissue Engineering products and new platform technologies.

Based on our experience in the biological regeneration of different types of cells and tissues, we translate innovative research and development into medical products consistent with GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). Our vision is to establish regenerative medicine in daily clinical life.