Partners and international co-operations lead to success.


TransTissue is part of a worldwide network of international co-operations with interdisciplinary academic partners and industry.

BioTissue AG

For 12 years now, BioTissue has been the pioneer par excellence in the field of regenerative cartilage treatment. BioTissue combines the state of the art of the bioengineering industry with the growing demands of the orthopedic market and the future-oriented visions of science. This is made possible by a hi-tech GMP lab, an independent R&D center, and of course by eager clinical interaction with the physicians.

Founded as a spin-off from Freiburg University Hospital and Berlin Charité University Hospital, BioTissue has emphasized the importance of constant interaction between applied science and clinicians.

The basis of BioTissue’s ortho-biologics product pipeline is a unique three dimensional scaffold technology, developed by BioTissue’s interdisciplinary research team and the research subsidiary TransTissue in Berlin.

This patented technology assures optimum tissue formation for the treatment of musculoskeletal defects, e.g. cartilage damage, together with excellent surgical handling at the same time.

BioTissue’s outstanding products stem from implementing high-end applied academic research in accordance with clinical needs, and are produced in the company’s own GMP lab in compliance with European medical device and pharmaceutical law.

We work together with an international network of partners supported by our highly qualified team so that our products can be made available to every patient in need of an innovative ortho-biological approach.